What are the ‘haps around the studios?
Here’s all the gossip that’s fit to print for August 1929:

* Speculation still surrounds the unexpected marriage of John Gilbert and Ina Claire. Why would they marry? What did he see in her? What did she see in him? Why is Photoplay so obsessed with this?

* Clara Bow’s familial woes continue.
“After a year’s trial, Robert Bow, father of Clara, has closed his ‘IT’ restaurant on Beverly Boulevard. For a while things were up and coming, with Clara dropping in frequently to dunk her doughnuts and tear a herring. When Clara stopped coming so did the rest of the trade.
Bow pére’s café fell in hard lines right at the beginning of its career when the Paramount studio refused to permit the use of Clara Bow’s name for advertising purposes. The loss reported to the flaming ‘IT’ girl is reported as better than $10,000.”

* Betty Compson is to replace Pauline Starke as the lucky lady cast opposite megalomaniac Eric Von Stroheim in “The Great Gabbo”. Starke had to bow out after not being able to remember her lines even though they had to be printed on Von Stroheim’s chest.

* Clara Bow clowns around in Lothar Mendes’ “Dangerous Curves”

* Al Jolson has apparently sung about a lot of “Mammies”. Apparently enough to depopulate the Old South.

* Anita Page attends the opening of “Showboat” with Prince Ferdinand of Prussia on her arm. Her parents, who “never let their daughter appear in public without them” showed up to make sure she got home safely.

* Charlie Chaplin turns forty and faces “the downward slope” with great melancholy. You’ve got plenty of time left, Charlie. Plenty of time.

* Lon Chaney takes his first sick day in 17 years!

* Eileen Wilson, “Mrs. William Powell”, to vacate the stage and return to Paramount.

* FLASH! Greta Garbo buys a sea shell in Avalon and has it sent to her maid C.O.D.

" WAMPAS Baby Star of 1929 Jean Arthur wears a hat! No news on any upcoming pictures, just on her hat.

* Stepin Fetchit news should always make us feel really uncomfortable.

* Joan Crawford and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. coo and make a big show of their “sweet moan” in the MGM commissary but are outdone by the couple at the next table — Lupe Velez and Gary Cooper.

* Waddles the duck is dead! Long live Waddles!
Waddles took his first QUACK at Hollywood stardom in early Mack Sennett pictures with partner Louise Fazenda. No cause of death was released but it is suspected that Waddles suffered from a serious MALLARD-y in his final days.

* If you’re hoping to lose a few pounds, drop by the MGM commissary and ask for the “Joan Crawford Salad” — lettuce, diced chicken, and raw tomato. “This is Joan’s reducing dish.” No thanks, I think I’ll stick with my Baked Apple Bette Davis with Ice Cream.

* Jack Warner solves the mystery of Dolores Costello’s missing $5,000 brooch. Turns out it was a “shabby young man” that Mr. Warner had met and personally employed in the property department of Ms. Costello’s new film. Yikes.

* And finally, in the hubbub leading up to the first Academy Awards on May 16, 1929, visitors to the MGM commissary were met with a intimidating sight. Details on the last page.

* And much, much more!

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